On The Road: Prateek Kuhad LIVE

Prateek Kuhad to tour India 800450 NovDec 2022. Music Press Asia

[Touring Toronto, Canada in June 2022. Image by Prateek Kuhad]

Prateek is ready to mesmerize his fans with fun-filled musical evenings in Jaipur and Kolkata on November 27 and December 4 respectively.

Prateek Kuhad is already on the road. Launching his ‘The Way That Lovers Do’ tour in Mumbai (Oct 29), he is now more than halfway through. The tour has already passed Delhi and is on its way to Jaipur (Nov 27) and Kolkata (Dec 4) before ending in Goa (Dec 18).

‘The Way That Lovers Do’ is an album that explores deep affection through the perspective of romance and friendship. Although for whatever reason, his song ‘Favorite Peeps’ is immersively underrated, it is presently getting well-deserved live audience numbers in return on this tour.

“Prateek Kuhad goes beyond the modernism of expression in love. It’s concerts are not only like pockets of sweets but are rapturous moments of what love can be in all its bitterness and charm. You leave with the biggest smile and nothing else matters,” said Monica Tong, editor-in-chief of Music Press Asia.

The artist is collaborating with the ticketing platform Bookmyshow for the leg of this tour to end 2022. This comes after a global tour across the USA and Europe, this two-month-long tour in India is giving Prateek back-to-back shows across Indian cities.

Prateek Kuhad performs at Surat India 2022 NovDec Tour. Music Press Asia
[Prateek Kuhad with audience and band members at Surat, India leg of the Nov & Dec 2022 tour.]

The ‘Kho Gaye Hum Kahan’ fame from New Delhi shines on a song supported by a melodic piano or an acoustic guitar with minimal percussion – a style so prominently selling tickets today.

The tour is presented by Magic Moments – a live event management company with a history of supporting and promoting music worldwide, and its association with the Sunburn Music Festival.

Prateek Kuhad’s sweet melodies layered with thought-provoking lyrics are cutting through the clutter and offer in today’s music landscape dominating Asia; funky beats, techno-based tracks with thumping bass, and sauce voices.

Prateek’s tour in India will end in Goa on December 18, 2022.

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