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July 25, 2024

BTS two singles on IFPI's Top 10 Best Selling Albums 2018.
BTS two singles on IFPI's Top 10 Best Selling Albums 2018.
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BTS Tops IFPI Global Album Charts 2018, Korea Asia’s Next Entertainment Powerhouse

It’s been proven again and again that K-Pop music acts are undoubtedly taking the lead when it comes to achieving global recognition for Asian acts. BTS, a boy group signed under YG Entertainment in Korea, takes global fame one step at a time when K-Pop’s popularity began to soar with the development in music streaming technology. Earlier today, IFPI announced…

5 Reasons Why Your Song Needs To Be Online

Attended by industry professionals, the talk focus on how music streaming is changing ways how artists and songs break, and how people discover and listen to music. Here are just…

Malaysian Appointed Chairman of IFPI APAC

Dato’ Norman Halim is the Executive President and Group Chief Executive Officer of KRU Group, a leading media and entertainment company in Malaysia. As part of the Malaysian pop group…

IFPI Dato Norman Halim Chairman Denis Handlin Sony Music Australia

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