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April 18, 2024

Podcast Editor Choice Aug 2023. Music Press Asia
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Podcast: BBC Sounds Release Interviews with Director Christopher Nolan & BlackPink’s Jennie

In this week’s podcast listening at Music Press Asia, we have two episodes from The Arts Hour on BBC Sounds. Both episodes are presented by Nikki Bedi speaks to Christopher Nolan and Jennie from the Korean girl group BlackPink. Nikki talks to director Christopher Nolan about his film Oppenheimer and is joined in the studio by film critic and writer…

M Nasir Releases New Film Soundtrack

After a 17-year hiatus from composing, Malaysian actor and singer is back to release a music soundtrack titled ‘Imam’ for the film Munajat. Munajat is M Nasir’s latest single since…

M Nasir x Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra 2022. Music Press Asia

A Dark & Psychedelic Album: Morricone Segreto

For the feature of the month of August, we are highlighting a short documentary released by CAM Sugar & Decca Records. As we tap our feet impatiently waiting for Morricone’s…

Ennio Morricone Segreto Album 2020 cover. Music Press Asia
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