M Nasir Releases New Film Soundtrack

M Nasir x Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra 2022. Music Press Asia

After a 17-year hiatus from composing, Malaysian actor and singer is back to release a music soundtrack titled ‘Imam’ for the film Munajat.

Munajat is M Nasir’s latest single since the last album release, Sang Pencinta.

The single – published by Luncai Emas Sdn Bhd – is also a piece of work wholly created by Nasir specifically as an OST to the film Imam where he starred in the main role.

Listen to the song here.

M Nasir release film OST Munajat. Music Press Asia
[M Nasir takes on a major role in the film Munajat and composed the OST for the film.]

M Nasir began his solo career in 1989 after closing a chapter with Kembara, a band he started with his siblings. Since then he is very much an actor apart from being a prominent singer-songwriter.

In November 2019, he celebrated the 40th anniversary of his music career with a solo concert at the Plenary Hall in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). That night, M Nasir performed over twenty songs for a live audience. The following year, he performed as a member of Kembara in the same concert venue in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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In November 2022, he collaborated with the Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra to organize Konsert Simfoni Mustika M Nasir which saw the participation of the resident conductor Ahmad Muriz Che Rose and over 100 orchestral musicians.

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