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November 27, 2021

Music Press Asia Net-Zero project featuring GRAB a ride-hailing online application launched latest feature to reduce carbon footprint.

Grab, Ride-Hailing App Launch Carbon Offset Feature

Include electric vehicle (EV) options for its ride-hailing service, Grab users can now add SGD$0.13 per ride as part of its go green initiative to offset the emitted carbon on their car journey — a minimal amount of an e-hailing service that will go towards reforestation projects. Dedicating towards projects of reforestation and conservation in Southeast Asia, according to Grab,…

Michelle Yeoh Calls For More Environment Ambassadors

This month we continue with our efforts of raising awareness of the environment contributing our “NATURE” segment to a 2009 documentary film made by National Geographic in cooperation with FINAS…

[Music Press Asia] Michelle Yeoh calls for other environmentalist ambassador. Photo credit: National Geograaphic
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