Richie Jen 任賢齊 Celebrates 26 Years of ‘Too Softhearted’

Richie Jen is celebrating his three-decade-young singing and acting career with a new song release.

Richie Jen takes on mandopop 3 decade. Music Press Asia

In a recent interview and documentary, Richie Jen harks back at a musical career that began in Taiwan around thirty years ago. This singer is the epitome of what a lasting career and a rewarding one would look like and the 26-year-old single 心太軟 “Too Softhearted” is at the very center of his successes subsequently after.

To celebrate the moment, Jen wore the leather jacket from 心太軟’s original music video. The short film then pans to another interviewer questioning Faye Wong, a Hong Kong artist, about the song everyone has been playing on their radios and stores nationwide. The song was even rumoured to have reached inner Mongolia where nomadic families would play the song on their cassette players.

Richie Jen Too Softhearted is now 26 years. Music Press Asia
[Too Softhearted has garnered 54 million views on YouTube. Richie Jen is not only a singer but an actor in Mandarin and Cantonese films and television series.]

Today, the song has evolved from the sheer beauty of its lyrics and melodies. From versions of it performed by singers in the mandopop world, “Too Softhearted” is translated into English, Cantonese, Bahasa Malaysia, Thai, Burmese, and Italian.

It has already garnered over 54 million views on YouTube streaming alone. Richie Jen’s other hit songs include “對面的女孩看過來 Look over here, girl” and “傷心太平洋 The Sad Pacific” – both released in the 90s.

Richie Jen’s latest song “在路上 On My Way was released on Oct 28, 2022. Its music video showed Jen on the road with a handsome motorcycle. It is a nostalgic expression of the lessons we learn on life’s journey and the people that cross our paths. Its poignancy isn’t something we’d feel most comfortable especially when we face challenges where big bags of courage are needed. Click here to watch the music video via YouTube.

Richie Jen release new song 28Oct2022. Music Press Asia
[Richie Jen’s latest music release “On My Way” was released 28 Oct 2022.]

“In a blink of an eye, I have been walking on the art road for 32 years. Looking back, I’m glad I have never slackened and always ‘on the road,” said Taiwanese singer Richie Jen.

“This long road is a lot of people walk with me, the time train has been moving forward, somewhere we meet side by side, maybe at some time parted ways to different places, everyone is running for the wonderful of life.”

“In this time, we can ride together, have common memories, shared feelings are worth it, sometimes the result may not be that important, meaning is on the way. The MV is presented to everyone, hope you can see it and listen to it very much.”

Richie Jen joined Rock Records for nine years before signing with EMI. He participated and took roles in many Mandarin and Cantonese films and television series that accumulated to as much as the music albums and singles he has released thus far.

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