Film of the Week: One Headlight 絕世情歌

mm2 Entertainment Taiwanese film features music produced and arranged by Mandarin pop song composer, Jim Lim.

Taiwanese film features music by mandarin pop song producer, Jim Lim. Music Press Asia

Binging on romantic love films can be a gut-wrenching experience. Tears may flow and a sense of nostalgia gushes out igniting long-lost love. This is especially true with Jim Lim’s music used for the Taiwanese film, One Headlight 絕世情歌. Released in 2019, One Headlight is a film of innocence and exploration of death a topic not always easily described by adults.

The songs in the film are supervised by the prominent music producer, Jim Lim 林倛玉. His role as arranger, producer, mixer, and musician gives the film a Jim Lim’s flavor, which transcends the tranquility of chill tunes and appreciation of the scenery found in the film featuring the county of Hua Lien in Taiwan. He collaborates with local artists including Li Liren, Tony Chong and a few others to bring out the raw, distinguishingly Mandarin romantic pop tunes that we all love from this genre.

Jim Lim is composer for mm2 Entertainment film One Headlight. Music Press Asia
[One Headlight is distributed by mm2 Entertainment]

The film is produced by mm2 Entertainment and carries the Taiwanese flavor skillfully. Like slapping on peanut and jelly, its Mandarin romantic love songs are coherently merged with the mm2 Entertainment brand.

This Ong Kuo Sin film tells the tale of a young composer, Kenny Kew, who is tasked to bring his niece, Lilith, to his brother-in-law, Lee, after his sister passed away. On their trip to find his father who is also a member of a rock band, they met with people who knew his father. As the search comes to an end, like their half-written songs, their journey leads to self-discovery and affirmation that family is an important element, a lesson.

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