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Toybox Project Organised Japan Malaysia Friendship Concert at Zepp KL

Toybox Project leads J-wave culture in Malaysia

FEMM performs at Zepp Kuala Lumpur. Music Press Asia

In a recent concert at Zepp KL, its organizer Toybox Project is seen to have only one objective in mind. To reinvigorate Malaysia’s music and entertainment live scene with popular culture from Japan. The Japan x Malaysia Friendship Concert held at Zepp KL last Sunday is a testament to many new beginnings at Lalaport — a new mall located at Jalan Imbi in Bukit Bintang.

Various artists including Japanese artists [FEMM, Centimillimental and BACK-ON] and Malaysian artists ESTRANGED, Sakura Band and Floor 88].

From Oct 28 – Nov 13, Lalaport is playing host to celebrate Japan’s popular arts, culture and entertainment through more exciting events such as the Harajuku Fashion Show, Cosplay contest, origami exhibition and more.

[Japan celebrates arts, culture & entertainment at Lalaport, Kuala Lumpur from Oct 28 – Nov 13.]

For more info about the festival at Lalaport, visit @ToyboxProjects or @Lalaport_BBCC

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[Floor 88 performing at Zepp KL’s Japan x Malaysia Friendship Concert on 30 October.]

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