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Accordionist Aliaksandr Yasinski Debuts New Album

NEW MUSIC RELEASE: Accordionist Aliaksandr Yasinski Unveils International Debut ‘Hlybini’

Aliaksandr Yasinski Release Hylbini. Music Press Asia

Belarusian accordionist Aliaksandr Yasinski is set to release his debut album “Hlybini” through Riverboat Records. Yasinski plays without stylistic limitation. He describes the music on the album as an ‘adventure through Belarus and other countries, through storm and calmness, light and dark, tragedy and happiness – but always sincerely, with an open heart.’

Yasinski has been living in Prague for over 11 years, although he still maintains a strong musical connection with traditional Belarusian music. His style combines classical, rock, electronic, jazz, South American tango, Balkan and soundtrack music.

Watch the Hlybini (teaser) trailer below.

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