A Hymn Lecture on the rise of the Oxford Movement

A lecture in Chinese by historian and scholar Dr Xie Lingfanlan.

Hong Kong Hymn Society. Music Press Asia

[Hong Kong Hymn Society]

The rise of the Oxford Movement in England and the Westward Movement in the United States in the 19th century brought countless colorful hymns to the church. Among them, the Kentucky Harmony and the Sacred Harp are the representatives of the poetry collection, and some shape notes are created for the congregation to sing.

Dr. Xie Linfanglan is a well-known Chinese hymn scholar and historian living in Texas, United States. Her lecture titled 19th Century English Poetry: Diverse Congregational Poems covers topics of idealogy of Romanticism and the efforts that drive the Catholic Revival and High-Church movement. While raising the literary standard of poetry, the collective attempt of the Handel and Hadyn Society Collection of Church Music followed the footsteps of 18th-century composers including Reginal Heber, Robert Grant, Frances Ridley Havergal, and many more.

Watch the lecture on the Hong Kong Hymn Society’s Youtube channel, here. The PDF version is available here.

The lecture by Dr. Xie Lingfanglan is hosted by the Hong Kong Hymn Society. The group was established for the purpose of improving singing skills and enriching musical cultural literacy. Their efforts are believed to also promote high-quality traditional hymns to share their spirituality and the gospel. Ye Chengzhi, the conductor of the choir, is also the Chairman of the association’s Affairs Development Committee. For more information about Hong Kong Hymn Society, click here.

Watch the Hong Kong Hymn Society performance of 我知誰管著明天 I Know Who Holds Tomorrow (1950), a Cantonese version originally composed by Ira Forest Stanphill, an American Southern songwriter, here.

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