Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra & Malaysian Composers Collective Partner To Feature Homegrown Composers

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra Chamber Concert. Music Press Asia

Last month, the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) showcased modern works of homegrown composers in its MPOPlaysOn: Malaysian Composers Series – a chamber concert.

Collaborating with the Malaysian Composers Collective (MCC), the virtual concert is part of MPO’s ongoing support for the compositions of Malaysian orchestral works. Music that would translate the rich and diverse backgrounds, and then let them be heard at a larger arena.

This marks the MPO’s second collaboration with the MCC this year following the MPOPlaysOn: Malaysian Composers Series – Vol.1 digital audio collection in May.

Composers, who have been selected to showcase their work, would have performed on MPO’s very own YouTube channel – MPO TV. The participants names are Jessica Cho, Tai Yun Ming, and Rayner Naili.

Hymn of the Remnants by Caeleb Tee illustrates the remnants of people praising the earth’s beauty.

Tanjak – Mahkota Alam by Raja Alif explains how the composer perceives the traditional Malay headgear.

Threadsafe by Jessica Cho is inspired by a computer programming concept of thread safety.

Addiction to Perfection by Ilysia Tan is a piece derived from the purpose of observing physical and social concerns.

Fragments I by Ainolnaim Azizol was written for the 2014 Asian Composers League Young Composers Competition, an event by the Australian Music Centre. A performance of two trumpets by Sérgio Pacheco and Jeffrey Missal.

Dance of the Wind and Sea by Vivian Chua combines Malaysian melodic and rhythmic patterns with Western harmonies. It is a duet rendition performed by Csaba Kőrös (cello) and Akiko Daniš (piano).

MPO resident conductor Gerard Salonga (Lea Salonga’s younger brother) takes on the role of artistic advisor for this presentation. Each work will be accompanied by a video commentary by its composer.

Gerard Salonga took up a position as resident conductor of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) in 2019, while still holding his post with the ABC-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra. Following a stint as assistant conductor of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Salonga was offered the post by the MPO as early as May 2018.

Gerard Salonga Conductor of Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra 2021. Music Press Asia

The MCC was established in 2007 to promote Malaysian composers at home and abroad.

Click here to watch and listen to the music at MPO TV. For updates and upcoming concerts, click here. Alternatively, check out the MPO’s social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube).

Manila Times: Gerard Salonga Leads Malaysian Philharmonic, 2019.

Relevant news: Last month, Yuna collaborated with Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra to release Bella Ciao cover – an original soundtrack to the series trailer titled Money Heist released on Netflix.

Listen to the Ciao Bella here.

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