Girl Power: Youthful Indonesian Rock Band Released Music Video

In conjunction with International Day of the Girl, a day organised by non-profit Women of the World (WOW) Foundation, Indonesian rock trio Voice of Baceprot (VOB) released music video.

VOB Released Music Video. Music Press Asia

Voice Of Baceprot (VOB), an Indonesian hijab-wearing rock trio, has released the music video of their single God, Allow Me (Please) to Play Music.

In conjunction with International Day of the Girl, a day organised by non-profit Women of the World (WOW) Foundation.

The single, initially released in August this year, takes on the inspiration to celebrate freedom of expression and aspiration for young women around the world. A world without gender and racial discrimination, where young women can make life decisions without intolerance.

“From our personal standpoint, gender equality is when both women and men are given their rights as human beings to live, a proper education, harbour aspirations, and be given the freedom to fight for those aspirations,” said VOB vocalist and guitarist Marsya.

“The lyrics to ‘God, Allow Me (Please) to Play Music’ are so powerful, with the main chorus speaking to us all about the struggle of being different and rising up, overcoming stereotypes, defying stigmas, and challenging false claims. Moreover, the lyrics inspire us to persevere in the fight against intimidation, to drive away past fears, and embrace freedom of expression,” said Bona Palma, the director of the music video.

“God, Allow Me (Please) to Play” music video credits:
Director: Bona Palma
DOP: Arief Retno Pribadi
Executive producer: Rob O’Hare
Line producer: Candra Dewangga
Make-up artist: Shaluna Raditya
Fashion stylist: Damien Chandra
Accessories: Damien Chandra and Lubna Sherrin

The visual concept behind the music video was inspired by the symbolic meaning of the Samsara Circle. “The circle of life describes the never-ending cycles of values, challenges, stigmas, and stereotypes that the band have experienced just because they are unique and different,” Bona remarked.

Several female activist affiliated with the WOW Foundation also made an appearance in the music video, including UK poets Zahra Ahmad and Rakaya Fetuga, UK punk band Breakup Haircut’s vocalist/guitarist, Ishani Jasmin, and WOW’s cultural producer Shereen Pereira. They appear carrying signboards to voice out their concerns and aspirations.

Yacko, another Indonesian female rapper, made an appearance as well, along with feminist activist and singer Kartika Jahja.

Following the celebration of the International Day of the Girl, a virtual performance featuring forty young female activist will take place as part of the celebration.

“Girl bands like VOB have a long heritage in creating music that challenge genres and break gender norms. They represent a new generation of young people who continue to oppose gender disparity and racism in the music industry!” stated a representative of WOW Foundation.

VOB are Marsya (vocals, guitars), Widi (bass), and Sitti (drums).

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