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Indonesia Government Launch Month-long National Cultural Week 2020

The National Museum of Indonesia in Central Jakarta will display the 'Pamor sang Pangeran' exhibition. Music Press Asia

The National Museum of Indonesia in Central Jakarta will display the 'Pamor sang Pangeran' exhibition. Music Press Asia

Organised by Indonesia’s Education and Culture Ministry’s Culture Directorate General, the 2020 National Culture Week is taking place — virtually — from October 1 to November 30. Efforts to digitally and physically feature 4,791 artists, 27 conferences, 93 performances, 5 virtual competitions, 16 workshops and 5 exhibitions.

For lovers of paintings by Affandi, Alam Ruang Manuasia (Human Space Realm) is offering its audience an immersive audio and visual using video mapping projection. Produced between 1940s and 1970s, the paintings are sub-divided into themes of nature, space and human. Under strict protocols, the National Gallery of Indonesia, Central Jakarta, is opened all of November (beginning October 27). FREE exhibition requires online registration. Galerinasional (Facebook/Instagram)

Highlighting the life of Indonesia’s national personality who led a five-year campaign fighting colonial rule of the Duth in the 19th century, Prince Diponegoro, eldest son of the Yogyakarta Sultan Hamengkubuwono II. In a bid to attract a younger audience, the exhibition will be expressed through formats: storytelling, video mapping narration. An animated film “Diponegoro 1830” details the quests beginning of March 1830 when he was arrested, to Diponegoro’s exile in May 1830 in Manado, north Sulawesi. A collaborative effort by historian Peter Carey and Nusi Lisabilla Estudiantin as curator, ‘Pamor Sang Pameran’ will display Babad Diponegoro’s latest version — an autobiographical chronicle , sketches, paintings and the prince’s heirlooms from as early as 1807. Happening from October 28 to November 26; National Museum of Indonesia, Central Jakarta. Online registration is required prior to visiting the exhibition. Museum_Nasional_Indonesia (Facebook/Instagram)

The national event goes global this week, additionally, with conferences running in five formats: open class, cultural dialogue, panel discussion, workshop, pitching forum. Speaker highlights Riri Riza (filmmaker), minister Nadiem Makarim, Bonnie Triyana (editor, Historia), Inggrid Tania (head, Association of Indonesian Doctor for the Development of Traditional & Herbal Medicines, PDPOTJI) and William Wongso (culinary expert).

Local performers include dance maestro Didik Nini Thowok, legendary singer Ebiet G. Ade, celebrated dalang (puppet master) Ki Manteb Soedharsono, dangdut superstar Rhoma Irama, renowned rock band God Bless and choreographer-dancer Eko Supriyanto.

For more information, visit Pekan Kebudayaan Nasional’s website for schedules and programs.

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