Indonesia Music Promoters Launches APMI

Music promoters suffered great loss in the pandemic year where social distancing forces closure for large-scale festivals globally. Music Press Asia.

Following the ongoing reset of the live & entertainment segment in Indonesia, a group of music promoters has decided that drastic times call for drastic imaginative and drastic measures; recently launched Association of Indonesian Music Promoters (APMI) to help boost the country’s ecosystem of live festivals and shows.

Represented by Indonesia’s prominent promoters, the group was recently officiated in Jakarta, in a meeting attended by Anas Syahrul Alimi [Rajawali Communication Indonesia], Dewi Gontha [Java Festival Production], Dino Hamid [Berlian Entertainment], Emil Mahyudin [Nada Promotama], David Karto [Synchronize Festival], Darshan Pridhnani [Hype Festival] and Donny Junardy [Hammersonic Festival].

Though, officially, the first of its kind in Indonesia, APMI’s vision stands out loud and clear; to be a support group among music promoters that would establish and maintain a sort of code of conduct represented through four main pillars: ideas, network education and innovation.

[Pic: Java Jazz Festival 2020 — its 16th edition — were among the few festivals which happened before lockdowns and quarantine began in Southeast Asia. Music Press Asia]

Agenda to appoint chairman of the association resulted in Karto being appointed for the role; in which he will lead efforts to build an efficient, supportive network of music promoters across the country.

The live industry, with the benefits that it has already reaped in the past, is considered by cities and governments as important economic and social lifeline. In recent years, the country has lavished and greatly benefited from tens of thousands of audience attending large-scale festivals such as Java Jazz Festival, Prambanan Jazz Festival, Djakarta Warehouse Project, We The Fest, Hammersonic, Love Festival and Synchronize Festival.

Last August, PK Entertainment founded by Peter Harjani who’d also promoted Celine Dion’s concert in 2018 — launched Indonesia ONLINE Fest, a three-day event that daringly displayed a virtual bazaar, reclining view, fans meetup, workshop, talk show, cosplay and e-sports.

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Covid may just be the tip-of-the-iceberg event that catapulted a forceful transition of the live industry into the digital world. And over the next year, will be seeing more tough decisions to be made. Let’s all hold on to this roller coaster ride together.

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