Creative Lyrics Amid A Spreading Virus

The following music videos are not only educational, but serves a far greater purpose calling for solidarity and understanding of the human race. Less we forget about the tension that pulls us apart, the more durable and tenacious we are in fighting the same war, a global pandemic that has consumed us over the last three months.

Some of the most creative adaptations about the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 is inspired from Queen's most prolific albums 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Music Press Asia.

Some of the most creative adaptations about the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 is inspired from Queen's most prolific albums 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Music Press Asia.

While some of us are slaving away working from home, not really, majority of us who are practicing or officially in lockdown or maintaining social distancing have found new ways to hustle with time and their creative outpour.

For most of us, it has never been about whether it is Chinese or American, but about the livelihood that has been affected, and as a consequence of it all, will never be the same again. Let’s celebrate a new era in music with a little big creativity from us at Music Press Asia, some comical, yet positive parody we’ve recently found on YouTube. We beg that you consume them with humor and care, with friends and family, and whomever needing just a little laugh in this time of desperation and illness. Each of these songs below is titled with the most prominent tag phrase we can find.

“Sleep, eat, whinge, tweet, snooze, blob, think”
Do Re Mi – Covid 19 Version by Shirley Serban is taken from the beloved musical of all times ‘Sound of Music’. With over 6 million views since March 28, this song is basically two very separate tracks. Nevertheless, its most languishing amusement, found in its lyrics, are the encouraging ideas to curb the spread of coronavirus: “Watch TV, drink lots of wine” and the tongue twisting phrase “Sleep, eat, whinge, tweet, snooze, blob, think”. Go on, get some endorphins outta ya.

Another version released on April 2, sings about ‘lazy days’, Netflix, Grand Theft Auto, curling eyelashes, and keeping up with the Kardashians.

“Hope I don’t run out of beer”
The ‘Coronavirus Rhapsody’ was first seen on Grounded Show, an entertainment and lifestyle channel from Australia, whose focus are in performing arts. Released on March 27, this music video tackles the coronavirus lyrics with wit and is as close as it can get to the real thing. With vocals by Adrian Grimes and lyrics by Dana Jay Bein, this adaptation from Queen’s track ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is wholesomely operatic, and perfect for those karaoke moments you’ve been waiting for. And yes, it’s 6-minutes long. Warning to chorus enthusiasts, as there won’t be any to satisfy those cravings.

“The memory of SARS planted in my brain”
“Fight The Virus” has been set from a 1965 song “Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel. In an interview with Channel News Asia (CNA), Alvin Oon Singaporean and lyricist of the new track, released on January 29, aimed to inspire and bring cheer to those who have been directly affected by Covid-19. And has gained over 800,000 views on YouTube. “The virus does not discriminate,” said Alvin Oon.

“I’m stayin’ inside”
Perhaps our most favorite video thus far, this adaptation one of Bee Gees’ classics “Stayin’ Alive”, is produced and written by Brent McCollough, who also performed as vocalist and keys alongside Alex Kilroy (guitar) and Adrian Laird (bass). Alongside its prominent lyrics, there were only two other things we were staring at. So, go play along and spot the dog and long hair. This music video has gained over 2 million views since its released on March 22.

“We will thank you”
“Corona! We Will Rock You” is another adaptation from one of Queen’s classic songs “We Will Rock You”. Get your kids to sing and hit (the drums) along this international casts made up of over 50 kids and adults from Italy, Turkey, Brazil to Russia, USA, UK, Lebanon and more. Artistic direction is lead by Aleph Abi Saad. Audio and music production by The Brain Studio, with support from Layal Akiki Filmmaker. The video is produced by 8E Art and released by Anghami.

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