Priscilla Abby Releases Malay Single ‘Peluru’

[Music Press Asia] Priscilla Abby releases new Malay single 'Peluru'.

[Music Press Asia] Priscilla Abby releases new Malay single 'Peluru'.

Malaysian singer tackles frustration, lost love and hope in this powerful single shows that a classic hip hop ballad, together with a dynamic voice, can never go wrong.

A YouTube star who has completely taken the world by storm with her EDM cover of Escape Plan’s 夜空中最亮的星 [Brightest Star In The Night Sky] in 2016 has recently released one of her most striking single to date.

The Malay single’s most indelible moment lies in its chorus – a forceful serenade that poetically chimes perseverance magnified by Priscilla’s tenacious vocals. Albeit its solemn beginning — where melancholic self reflection and finally understanding the missing link began to nudge at the inner voice — the chorus spring to life in a chase for what was lost.

/// Listen to Priscilla Abby’s new Malay single ‘Peluru’ here ///

Produced and written by some of Malaysia’s distinguished music producers including Ikhwan Fatanna, Omar K and John Jeevasingham, the single signifies Priscilla’s, not an all-encompassing move towards gaining more presence in the Malay market. She has also recently covered Ismail Izzani’s hit song ‘Bidadari’ and Virgoun’s ‘Surat Cinta Untuk Starla’.

This is not Priscilla’s first successes. Her professional singing career began just like many other YouTubers who found a voice that speaks authenticity — even if it was just covering popular songs. Until then, singing covers may not be the wisest move or approach for a rising young star. At least, not in the books where managers and labels would normally adhere to.

But Priscilla’s voice was on a growing demand and fans wanted to hear more of her. Tackling covers head on with rising popularity for EDM, she began to take on some of the most notable Chinese hits that would eventually further propel her popularity.

Albeit its ‘cover song’ in nature, those were some of the best cover songs ever. Her rendition of JC’s 說散就散, Li Yugang’s 剛好遇見你 and Escape Plan’s 夜空中最亮的星 became the launch pad, unexpectedly and made possible a professional career in music entertainment.

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