Spectrum Music Festival Comes To Johor Bahru

Spectrum Music Festival brings you a mix of international and local music acts including Mynth, M1ldl1fe, Shelhiel, DuriO, Nirmala, Kayczar, KH/RL, Haziq Haze and more.

Mynth to perform at Spectrum Music Festival Johor Bahru

Are you ready for some extraordinary sights and sounds in Johor Bahru?

Praise be! Things are snowballing to real excitement as we are just two days away from Spectrum, a rare and unique urban music festival at The Vibe down south of Malaysia in the city of Johor Bahru. This festival not only brings special curation of music but also a feast for the eyes of audiovisual experiences.

For those urban souls out there, we know you are just going to love this show because Spectrum is a culmination of two psychedelic experiences into one night. If you are up to discover, explore, be stimulated and see a showcase of talented homegrown talents together with the rare appearance of regional and international artists, then this celebration of urban music and visual arts festival is just the right sort for you.

Brace yourself for Mynth, the Vienna-based electronic duo made up of nonidentical twins Mario and Giovanna Fartacek. With vocals that are both dreamy and passionately charged at the same time, their music is a mixture of contorted and addictive synth sounds and trippin’ hip beats. Catch them LIVE at Spectrum for their debut performance in Malaysia.

Discover the essence of the festival as it will also highlight a mix of international and local music acts including Mynth, M1ldl1fe, Shelhiel, DuriO, Nirmala, Kayczar, KH/RL, and Haziq Haze. Flex your creative muscle and be wow with excitement from showcases of avant-garde innovative creators and visual artists such as 设想研 · Think About, Flex Mw, and Dose+.

Ending today, Early Bird tickets for RM60 gives an all-night and re-entry access, while after 17 November tickets will be selling at RM80. All ticket holders are entitled to ONE FREE Carlsberg draught redeemable at Bootle & Glass: The Seafood Bar.

What are you waiting for?

Spectrum Music Festival is presented by JBIFC. Johor Bahru: International Festival City (JB:IFC) – 3 – 18 November – is an initiative Under the Royal Patronage of Her Highness Tunku Tun Aminah binti Sultan Ibrahim that champions the arts in Johor Bahru.


Haziq Haze

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