Kuching Malaysian-born Chinese Artist Priscilla Abby Releases Single

Academy Award Winner, World’s Top Mixer & Master Engineers Collaborate with Malaysian Singer Artist Priscilla Abby from Kuching

Priscilla Abby, Jaydon Joo, WebtvAsia, Chris Gehringer, DJSwivel

It’s always an emotional roller coaster when a Malaysian artist launches internationally and we can’t help but think that it takes a lot of hard work just to stand out of the crowd. Priscilla Abby Cai Enyu, spotted by celebrity producer Huang Guolun, Martin Tang and Kenn C at a local church singing competition, is not your next door girl. At just 20 years old, she has had a lot of practice and has recently released a wave of singles under WebTVAsia Taiwan.

The single, titled ‘I Love The Sky’ is produced, composed and arranged by another Kuching-born lad Jaydon Joo, a fulltime music producer and arranger who owns the label One Five Zero Music Production. He has previously collaborated with other celebrity singers including Gejiu Ru, Adu, F.I.R, Dingwhen, Huang Guolun, Lin Yizhong, Cai Mengzhen, Nicholas Tse, Stephanie Sun, Amei and many more. Mixing was done by Jordon ‘DJ Swivel’ Young – an Academy award-winning Canadian music producer famous for his collaborations with Beyonce, Jay-Z and Rihanna; and Anthony Kronfle at House 33 in Los Angeles whilst master-engineered by the same guy Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound who had done similar work for Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

Jaydon Joo’s adaptation of EDM songs by other artists including cover song by Priscilla Abby scored incredibly well on YouTube – just over 4 million views with just one song – and plans to use similar strategy with other artists in the future to gain recognition.

We see WebTVAsia continuous support in connecting and encouraging young artists in the region to break away from the norm. WebTVAsia continues to explore the very reason they began Prodigy Media and WebTVAsia – music as a core to everything they do. With offices all over Asia, WebTVAsia have set themselves towards a growing industry encouraging cross-border online content production.

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