FilmRise Release Film Documentary ‘Bad Rap’

FilmRise, a film and TV distribution company, has recently released “Bad Rap” – a documentary film that follows the lives and careers of four Asian-American rappers trying to break into the hip hop culture and treated as outsiders.

Bad Rap is now distributed by FilmRise

Released on VOD last month in conjunction with Cultural Heritage Month, the film features powerful live performance footage with poignant interviews. It paints a real and poignant struggle of the lives of artists who are passionately involved in their artistry inspired around the hip hop movement founded in the 70s by African-American and Latino youth in the South Bronx.

Attractive content with real live stories such as “Bad Rap” should be the key to unleashing more amazing stories within Asia. Music and stories play important roles in the lives of many of us and it is through such revelation that we break out of the norm: to think outside the box and touch the lives of the ignorant.

“Bad Rap” is an 81 minutes documentary film directed by Salima Koroma and produced by Jaeki Cho featuring Dumbfoundead, Awkwafina, Rekstizzy, Lyricks and many more. It was premiered on Canada and USA’s VOD last month on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Vudu.

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