Why Do Festival-Goers Return to Djakarta Warehouse Project?

Christian Rijanto, the brains behind Djakarta Warehouse Project talks about the effects of DJ Mag Top 100, why festival-goers keeps coming back every year, and programs to groom local DJs.

Christ Riyanto is founder of Djakarta Warehouse Project

Christ Riyanto is founder of Djakarta Warehouse Project

Christian Rijanto, founder of the Ismaya Group and Djakarta Warehouse Project, shares his side of the story to organising one of the oldest EDM festivals in the region. Set to attract more than 90,000 EDM fans this year, it faces the challenge of the event taking place in the same month as 808 Festival Bangkok and also ZoukOut in Singapore. MNA discovers the DWP’s unique selling points that has outlasted its competitors in the region.

Q: Being the biggest electronic music festival in Indonesia, what can music lovers look forward to for this year edition? I think what we always try to provide is a great experience more than just the music. Of course we always try to give the best lineup that is also diverse so the audience don’t just come for the big names but also discover and learn new music because DWP has the most diverse lineup in terms of quantity and quality. The production is also part of the experience. We invest a lot in building unique and amazing stages. For the experience, production and comfort that audience get, we believe that it’s a good value for the audience because we have one of the cheapest festival tickets in the world.

Q: With three music festival ” ZoukOut Singapore” , ” 808 Festival Bangkok’ and ” DWP Jakarta” at the same time, what are the challenges of attracting music lovers to DWP 2016? I think the challenge is about differentiating yourself with the other festivals, there are hundreds of festivals around the world and it just so happens that 3 festivals are going to be held at the same time in Southeast Asia. The best reason to choose DWP over the others is because we provide a good product with a good value. So people will come to us thinking ‘If I spend the same amount of money for DWP, I can discover more new music, I’ll get to experience more and I’ll gain more.’

Q: This year lineup, DWP feature the legendary “Carl Cox” to the new kids on the block “Alan Walker”. Who make the ultimate decision of selecting each year lineup ? I do

DWP's lineup this year includes Alan Walker, BlasterJaxx, Carl Cox and Brennan Heart

DWP’s lineup this year includes Alan Walker, BlasterJaxx, Carl Cox and Brennan Heart

Q: Do the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ support or affect your lineup each year ? Just a little bit. A few years ago it did have an influence because the market in Southeast Asia really look up to that. But as the market evolve and as they learn about new music through different channels such as YouTube, Spotify, and many more, it makes their taste in music to become more diverse. I would say that it only has a 10% effect for this year’s lineup.

Q: How many music lovers are you expecting for this year edition ? I’m hoping to see 90,000 to 100,000 people.

Q: Is there any program by DWP to groom local DJs? This year we are bringing back The DJ Hunt competition where we are on the look out for the best up and coming Indonesian DJs. The winners of the competition will each get a slot to perform at the festival this year. We are overwhelmed with more than 1,000 submissions that we received and I believe that the competition serves as a platform to support the thriving dance music scene in the nation.

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