Here’s How Pentatonix Gained 1.5bn Views on YouTube

Pentatonix, a multi-award winning a cappella group from Texas, finds time in their busy schedule to join Music Matters Conference in Singapore and speak about their career from how they formed the band, winning the third season of Sing-Off at NBC, recording to travelling the world.

Pentatonix, an acappella group from Texas and two-time grammy award winner, attends Music Matters Singapore

With over 11 million YouTube subscribers and an accumulated 1.5 billion views on their music videos, Pentatonix’s career were heavily pushed via YouTube and direct fan engagement.

Their first ever music video, recorded from an iPad, became an instant sensation on YouTube reaching over 300,000 views in the first week. The two-time grammy award-winner stressed the importance of social media and how it was one of the most important medium for them to engage with fans.

“Content is king…or queen”

Dropped straight after being signed with a major label after winning Sing-Off, they focused heavily on social media to promote their music and visual content.

“We had to use social media because that’s the only way to connect instantly with fans. If you become huge on social media you break in all the markets at once,” said Scott Hoying, a member of Pentatonix.

Asked about the group’s strategy on social media, Hoying added that creating great content was crucial to keeping the group fresh and constantly engaged. “Content is king… or queen,” he added.

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