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June 22, 2024

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Joyce Carol Oates’ review: The Lost Landscape

In many ways, literature stands firmly as part of music, just as lyricism is an integral aspect of creativity. Recently, I found myself reading a book written by Joyce Carol Oates. Oblivious to how this American author has profoundly affected American literature, I started the book with a desire to understand how childhood journaling can make any sense after growing…

Sennheiser The Mic Of Pop Music

Pop diva Jolin Tsai has become acclaimed for her uniquely enchanting voice and magnetic stage presence. Between 2019 and 2023, her enthralling “Ugly Beauty World Tour” captivated audiences worldwide. The…

Jolin Tsai Sennheiser mic D6000. Music Press Asia

Hikaru Utada New Tour Dates in Asia

If there’s anything synonymous with the name Hikaru Utada, it is her debut single Automatic/Time Will Tell launched 25 years ago. Since then, this J-pop artist has been on a…

Hikaru Utada Tour 2024. Music Press Asia

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