Bac Son’s Musical Work Features Mekong River Delta Life

Bac Son musical Long An An Nong. Music Press Asia

According to our sources in Vietnam, artists and producers in HCM City have recently produced a musical that has featured southern culture by late musician-scriptwriter Bắc Sơn.

The creatives have selected Sơn’s musical titled Bông Cánh Cò (Stork Wings), a production of folk tunes of the south of Vietnam, to tell stories about agricultural living in the Mekong River Delta region.

The musical highlighted the hard living, dreams and hopes of a better future.

Bac Son Bonv Canh Co musical Vietnam. Music Press Asia
[Bong Canh Co is a Vietnamese musical featuring the way of live at the southern region of the Mekong Delta with music inspired by songwriter Bac Son.]

The show’s director, Lê Nguyễn Tuấn Anh, is set on attracting younger audiences, and hence, recreated new concepts based on Sơn’s original work.

“Sơn’s work, Bông Cánh Cò, features the beauty of southern culture. I will highlight his art through my new version,” said Anh.

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Recently, the very first show of the musical Bông Cánh Cò opened in last August, and objectively, have chosen the HCM City’s Students Cultural House on 643 Điện Biên Phủ Street in District 3 to debut the production.

Celebrated drama actress Hồng Vân will perform with younger actors Lê Lộc, Minh Luân and Thanh Duy. Adding advantage to ticket sales, Vietnamese-American drama actress Hồng Đào has also been invited to participate in the production.

The musical is choreographed by Le Nguyen Tuan Anh.

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Who is Bắc Sơn?

With over 500 songs already in his name, this Vietnamese songwriter is one of the region’s leading artists in music, theatre and movies in the 1980s and 90s.

Today, Bắc Sơn’s songs and music can be seen on the YouTube channel Tình Ca Bắc Sơn -Tập Đoàn An Nông, a channel supported by An Nông Group. Additionally, it is here that many more southern Vietnamese works and culture are portrayed.

Bac Son Bong Canh Co musical HCM city. Music Press Asia
[Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics, the Hong Van theater stage hosted the musical Bac Son Love Song titled Bong Canh Co. The music is scripted by the late musician Bac Son, adapted and choreographed by Le Nguyen Tuan Anh.]

Many documents and articles on the artist’s life and career are also featured.

Sơn whose real name is Trương Văn Khuê was born in 1931 in Đồng Nai Province. Already working as a teacher, he began his music writing career in 1952. And because of his love for the folk tunes from the south, he very soon became familiar among his creative colleagues in HCM City as a musician, theatre actor and scriptwriter in this particular genre.

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Bac Son also wrote 180 scripts for TV, theatre and movies and also performed in 60 films and TV series.

Celebrating over five decades of creative venture, it is no surprise that his music lives on today.

Long An Province Radio & Television has worked with its partner, the An Nông Group, to produce 100 two-act plays about Vietnamese culture and lifestyle written by Sơn.

To further encourage young participation in the folk tunes genre, the station has organized a singing contest to sing Bac Son’s love songs.

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