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Mikeneko Homeless, Punipunidenki Collaborate, Release New Song

Electronic duo Mikeneko Homeless retunite with Punipunidenki On to release ‘Your Room’.

Mikeneko Homeless punipunidenki collaborate in new song. Music Press Asia

Japanese duo Mikeneko Homeless have collaborated with dozens of artists over their career, but their tightest artistic bond comes when working with compatriot singer-songwriter punipunidenki. Their electronic flourishes and dappling of jazz help to up the emotional impact of punipunidenki’s catchy melodies and slice-of-life lyrics. After three years, they have reunited on “your room,” a melancholy song balancing synthesizer notes with contemporary Tokyo rock sounds, all while letting a little sunlight through the curtains.

Envisioned as a danceable but mellow “Halloween tune,” “your room” revolves around a jazzy melody over which punipunidenki details the night before being haunted by the memory of love lost. Mikeneko Homeless provide extra pop thanks to electronic touches that add a glow to it all, and allow a bit of optimism to sneak into the darkness. It’s a set of creatives showing what they do well on their own, taking it up a level together.

Mikeneko Homeless punipunidenki release new song. Music Press Asia

Mikeneko Homeless, consisting of members hironica and mochilon, started working together in the late 2000s. They became staples of Japan’s burgeoning netlabel community, releasing music through Maltine Records and eventually writing for artists such as J-pop chart-toppers Sexy Zone, rising rap unit chelmico and many more. Their new album with vocalist lulu Time To Love comes out in early November.

Tokyo-based artist punipunidenki blends singer-songwriter craft with an array of electronic stylings, making them one of the most versatile voices in modern Japanese music today. Since emerging in 2015, they’ve released critically acclaimed albums and EPs, while also collaborating with artists such as Shin Sakiura and De De Mouse.

Punipunidenki will perform at “BLOW YOUR MIND” at TimeOut Cafe & KATA (Shibuya, Tokyo) on Dec.28.

punipunidenki to perform at TimeOut cafe. Music Press Asia
[punipunidenki to perform at Time Out Cafe this 28 Dec]

Listen to the new song ‘Your Room’ here.

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