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Kuala Lumpur-based Filipino Artist Zeauk Release New Song

Zeauk, a.k.a Zeus Rectra, release new single ‘no matter what’ and debuts new artist Armand Ross.

Zeauk Armand Ross release new song. Music Press Asia

[zeauk, Armand Ross - no matter what (Artwork by Aleyda Eng @thebeautifulscar & @beaninmyhead)]

Following his string of experimental singles since 2021, Kuala Lumpur-based Filipino is Southeast Asia’s rising producer and singer-songwriter. Following the release of single ‘Falling’, last April, this August sees the collaboration with new artist, Armand Ross to release ‘No Matter What’.

This is Zeauk’s first collaborative release with Ross as part of an unraveling storyline with his previous release of ‘Falling’. A song that racked up over 70,000 streams in its first three months.

According to Zeauk, the new song ‘conjures the image of the emergence of rainfall in the many seasons of a relationship. The protagonist’s unwavering love depicted will always prevail regardless of the pain inflicted and the chasm between them. It’s a contemporary R&B that infuses pop and touches the gloomy feeling that the rain brings.’

[L-R: Armand Ross & Zeauk]

This marks Armand Ross’ debut as an artist, flaunting his ballad expression that compliments zeauk’s versatile voice.

“The monotonous gong-like sound accompanied by rainfall is an expression of serenity. No matter how soft-spoken it is in the narrative, it carries a resounding hope to encourage and is a massive ode to love itself. While it may not always have clarity, love is the blue of friendship. Don’t we all get soft inside from the pitter patter of blue umbrellas and daisies? What incredible hope!” commented Monica Tong, editor-in-chief of Music Press Asia.

‘no matter what’ is officially released today on all digital streaming platforms, followed by a music video. Click here to listen.

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