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Hong Kong-based singer-songwriter ANDREAH is keeping a strict schedule juggling studies, a new publishing contract with Sony Music Publishing and singing professionally. On Music Press Asia’s INTRODUCING Series this month, we highlight some of her greatest inspirations, how she writes her latest single ‘Let Me Go Easy’ in her third hotel quarantine, the benefits of social media, and her latest projects.

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With her Irish-Filipino roots, pop ballad singer-songwriter ANDREAH is an uncommon young star. Inspired by her parents from an early age, ANDREAH naturally went for vocal and piano lessons. While it may seem like the most common thing to do, these whimsical musical introductions were already forging a new frontier in lyrical expressionism for her generation.

Her single ‘I Just Miss You’ – written in dedication to the death of American basketball player, Kobe Bryant – was featured as a soundtrack on ABS-CBN’s hit TV show, He’s Into Her. The song was released under the media conglomerate’s label Star Music.

With the same label, she co-composed alongside Filipino star Donny Pangilinan to release a duet song titled Dream. Today, the song has already gained over 790,000 views on YouTube. In a recent interview with Music Press Asia, ANDREAH talks about her collaboration with Donny, saying “I was supposed to record a duet that I’ve randomly written a few years prior and have invited Donny to come to sing it with me. But when you’re writing a song with someone else, sometimes creative direction may not go as you expected it. In the end, it did work out really well.”

Ingeniously, she created a new melody while Donny played his role fortuitously as a co-songwriter by coming up with the lyrics to their hit duet.

“Just like the song, there are regrets to letting [someone] go. But there is the need to be content that I don’t really need another person to make me happy.”


Music is a way of life for ANDREAH in many ways, whether deliberately or not. Having sung in the church, she contributes her musical instincts not only from the music lessons but also to her Filipino mother, whose encouragement continues to be a relentless calling for the rigorous routine she has developed when it comes to expanding her voice and songwriting skills.

Using the chord progressions she’d learned from her piano teacher, she began to merge her story. In many ways, it satisfied her most inner need to keep a journal of experience – the life she was living.

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Naturally, she tells the journeys of friendships and heartbreaks that led to the release of ‘Best Friend’, a song she wrote four years ago as a gift to a friend she bids farewell to.

Writing music is therapeutic for ANDREAH. Chronologically, a journal of some sort that reflects personal experience. And while it may be one thing to keep a journal, it must have been absolutely terrifying when it comes to sharing them.

But ANDREAH has found courage along the way. In all seriousness, ‘Best Friend’ has initiated a new direction towards songwriting, forthright and honest in every way.

Writing Let Me Go Easy

ANDREAH recently released her latest single ‘Let Me Go Easy’. While serving a 21-day hotel quarantine in Hong Kong, she wrote the song that narrates the anguish of heartbreak. It gleans the harsh reality of a recent breakup and if not already adding more salt to the wound she spends quarantine alone and sings I don’t want to be alone, be alone with me.

In this collaboration with Los Angeles-based producer Justin Stanley (Paul McCartney/Prince/Sheryl Crow/Snoop Dogg), she finds new perspectives on managing physical isolation.

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“I felt completely alone. And so finding comfort in being okay with being alone would be my ultimate goal. I realized that quarantine was good. In many ways, I’d taught myself how to deal with myself. And when I did spend time with myself, I came to the realization that it is important to know who you really are,” ANDREAH said.

Watch ANDREAH’s new song and music video “LET ME GO EASY” here.

Social Media

Although ANDREAH’s songs are new, they’ve already garnered much following on music streaming platforms. Totaling over 8.5 million streams on Spotify and YouTube combined, her music has also been featured on MTV Asia’s program, MTV Jammin’.

Spotify Monthly Listeners 160,000+
Spotify Streams 5.5 mil+
YouTube Views 3 mil+
Social Media Followers 18,000+

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So, what does she think about all these numbers? “People in my industry have been telling me to get my social media numbers up. Although it is wonderful because it allows you to express your creativity on platforms where you can be whoever you want. And people do get famous overnight. But, to a point, maybe the world has become too reliant on social media.”

“At the end of the day, these are incredible platforms I’d continue to use as a creative vessel to spread my music more than anything else,” she commented.

Recent & Upcoming

Next month, ANDREAH heads off to Los Angeles to prepare for her upcoming EP with LA-based producer Justin Stanley.

Having recently signed a worldwide deal with Sony Music Publishing, ANDREAH will also be meeting other songwriters at Sony to discuss collaboration and co-writing opportunities.

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Cathy Choi, A&R Music Services Director, Sony Music Publishing (Hong Kong) Ltd said: “We are pleased to announce our recent signing of the talented singer-songwriter ANDREAH and welcome her to our Sony Music Publishing Family. Andreah is a very talented singer-songwriter and we look forward to pitching more of her works in Asia and the rest of the world. We are confident that her upcoming collaboration with writers in the U.S. will see great results.”

ANDREAH opened for Sam Smith, The Script, Air Supply, 911, The Hara, and Roadtrip. She had also performed at festivals including Neon Lights (Singapore, Party in the Park (Dubai), London Barrio Fiesta (London), and It’s A Girl Thing (Manila).


“Dream”, Donny Pangilinan & ANDREAH (2020), click here.

“Best Friend” (2018), click here.

ANDREAH on Apple Music.

Updated on Nov.22: ANDREAH is currently the opening act at Westlife’s The Wild Dreams Tour in Asia. Tonight, ANDREAH joins Westlife at the Thong Nhat Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The next stop thereafter is 3 dates in India:

Westlife The Wild Dreams Asia Tour 2023

Nov 24: Mahalaxmi Racecourse (Mumbai, India)
Nov 25: Embassy International Riding School (Bengaluru India)
Nov 26: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (New Delhi India)

India’s Westlife tickets are here.

Westlife Tour in 2023 has already covered Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand last February. The tour spends the entire September in China performing in cities including Shanghai, Suzhou (Olympic Sports Center), Changsha, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan and Beijing.

Earlier this month, Westlife performed in South Africa’s cities of Cape Town and Pretoria’s SunBet Arena before crossing over to East Asia’s Taipei Music Centre. The Londoner Arena in Macao was host to the group for two days. Thereafter Vietnam on Nov. 21-22.

Westlife Wild Dream Tours Asia 2023. Music Press Asia
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Westlife Tour 2024

The next stage of the tour starting March 2024 will cover Canada (Meridian Hall), USA’s Boston, New York and Chicago before heading to Mexico and Brazil. March 2024 tickets via Ticketmaster and Live Nation.

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