Purbayan Chatterjee: A Diwali Release

Purbayan Chatterjee Release Diwali Single. Music Press Asia

After a huge release of the album Unbounded (Abaad) just two months ago, Purbayan Chatterjee has a new single. Today, he released Raga SahasraDeep, a self-composed Raga composed in 2020.

As we clicked to watch the video on YouTube, our eyes were immediately focused on the lights. Inspiring the visual of this Raga is the 1,000 lamps being lit at the same time.

“I thought it is most appropriate to release at the time of Diwali, Festival of light and generally signifies the triumph of Good over Evil,” Chatterjee says.

In essence, the word Sahasradeep is literally translated as 1,000 lamps. Thinking about how 1,000 lamps can light a room, our ears focused on the combining ragas of Patdeep and Sahana. Showcasing the concept of light and shadow, Sahana being a Kanada has slightly darker hues, and Patdeep is a joyful raga, Chatterjee says.

We cannot be happier to have chosen this incredible performance for our music highlight for Diwali. To honour the celebration, the Ragas chosen for this combination are directed at the light and shade element that shines bright and represent a thousand diyas.

Enjoy the music here.

Credits –
Sitar – Purbayan Chatterjee
Djembe – Ustad Taufiq Qureshi
Tabla – Ojas Adhiya
Drums – Shikhar Naad Qureshi
Keyboard – Nakul Chugh
Guitar – Joy Sengupta

Mix and Master – Devmitra Thakur
Video edit/Shot – Tushar More
Studio – Audio Lab

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