Taiwanese Film: ‘Blood of the Blue’

October film spotlight: Blood of the Blue by Creative Century Entertainment (Taiwan) is made partly to convey awareness for the ocean.

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Environment highlight: Ocean

Continuing our efforts to highlight the awareness of the ocean on the Environment theme. We’ve selected the film Blood of the Blue / 東經北緯, a Taiwanese production for our October film selection.

The story goes like this. More than 300 years ago, the legendary pirate captain Yen buried a large amount of treasure in the blue sea. However, Yen’s later generations were not aware of such a secret. Yen Dong-Jing and Yen Bei-Wei grew up with their father. And although their whole life was about finding the treasure hidden in the ocean, it was living that taught them that the real treasure worthy of living, their love for each other.

Director Yuan Hsu-Hu has been concerned about marine ecology for many years and made his directorial debut with the movie Mermaid Whispering which won the Golden Bell Award for Best Cinematography.

He planned on making a film that could heal society through the vastness of the sea. Although he had been the director of underwater photography for many films, Yuan still encountered many difficulties when shooting “Blood of the Blue”.

“Even if the weather is sunny when we go out to sea, the tide, the current, the wind direction, the speed, and the clarity and transparency of the water will directly affect the result of the shooting,” said Yuan.

Yuan wants to present the scenery that does not appear on the map, which is also the closest to his dream in his heart. He hopes to retrieve the priceless treasures left to mankind by the sea through the film “Blood of the Blue” and let the audience see the most beautiful Taiwan.

A film by Creative Century Entertainment (Taiwan). Watch the movie trailer here.

Director: Yuan Hsu-Hu
Cast: Jerry Ko, Kai Cheng, Peng-Feng Wu, Yi-Jia Wang, Aviis Zhong
Genre: Ocean, Family
Runtime: 98
Producer: Yuan Hsu-Hu
Language: Mandarin
Subtitle: Chinese, English
Country: Taiwan
Year: 2021 (2020 Nominated in Taipei Golden Horse Film Project Promotion)

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