What’s Happening at IMX China?

Highlights at IMX China for the next 3 days

Participants: IMCO, Kanjian Music,  MQA, Blokur, FUGA

IMX China Returns 2nd Edition October 2021. Music Press Asia

After launching the Music Ally China Digital Summit online event last month, Music Ally China is set to continue its second edition of the International Music Expo (IMX). One of China’s large-scale music conference, showcase and expo event that attracted over 2.5 million viewers online last year, the contemporary topics represents a futuristic approach to the realities of the music business.

Music Ally China, a partnership between Music Ally and Kanjian Music, have launched IMX China, a new music business event aimed at the Chinese music market in collaboration with many state entities including IMCO (International Music Collaboration Organization). Aimed to encourage communication, exchange knowledge and collaborations.

15-17 October Highlights: Some of its latest discussion this week include new-century topics: NFTs, metadata, understanding YouTube, Copyrights and Licensing, Digital Music Distribution, and many more. Finishing the last 3 days of its first week, its program isn’t for the faint hearted. Here’s some of IMX China’s highlight for the next 3 days:

15th October 2021
Music and the Metaverse
Moderator: Alessandro Pavanello, International Business Director, Kanjian Music
Gordon Midwood, CEO, Anything World
Kaspar Tiri, Co-Founder of Ready Player Me
Tiago Correia, Director – New Business & Venture, Warner Music Group Warner

Using Blockchain for International Music Copyright Collaboration
Participants: Phill Barry, CEO Blokur

16 October 2021
Music Producers Discuss Music Creation
Moderator: Zhao Zhigong
Huang Yuxun – producer of Jay Chou “Listen to Dad”, nominated for the Best Single Producer Award at the 32nd Golden Melody Awards
Liu Fengyao – male pop singer and music producer in Mainland China
Wang Zhuan – producer of national style music, his masterpieces include “Sighing Yu Gu”, “Sigh in the Cup”, “Sigh of the General”, etc.
Sammy Merayah – award-winning music producer, produced for Flo Rida, Timbaland, etc.

17 October 2021
To wrap up the week, a showcase performance scheduled from 7:30 p.m – 10:00 p.m. Artists to include:
Lin Bao
Spain, Vigüela
New Zealand, Minidisc
Italy, Maria Mazzotta
Xie Yue,
HD Aaron
Forsaken Autumn
Chen Xiukan
Beijing Tianchuang Zhiyin Culture Media Co., Ltd.
Sea tail
Giza Shama
Shi Heng, E Wanting
Peach illusion
Ear sounds
Liu Laisi
Lu Jing Zhou
Bean curd
UK, Oscar Mic
UK, Simon Taylor
UK, Wolf Apple
Poland, Janusz Prusinowski Kompania
Italy, Paolo Cognetti

One of the many sessions at IMX China 2021. Image: IMX China

Kanjian Music, also one of its event organizers and a leader in licence management automation, joins in to facilitate discussions vital to the lifeline of the digital sphere – a new era in the music business. Other participants include Music Ally (founder of IMX China), Blokur, FUGA, MQA.

For IMX China’s full list of programs, click here. Watch sessions on YouTube here.

Executive quotes:

Paul Brindley, Co-Founder and CEO of Music Ally: “It’s exciting to be running our first ever event targeted at the Chinese music industry. Following the successful launch of Music Ally Japan and our inaugural event…..we hope to establish this event as an annual fixture in the Chinese music business calendar.”

Shen Jia, Founder and CEO of Kanjian Music said: “Together, we will highlight the latest opportunities for the music business in China as the industry showcases its important customer wins and best practices to the world, including China.”

Mike Jbara, CEO of MQA: “We are delighted to support this important music industry summit – China continues to be a dynamic and diverse environment for artists and consumer experiences.

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