Chinese Media Group Broadcast Grand Mid-Autumn Festival Gala

Chinese Media Group celebrates mid-autumn festival gala in Sichuan. Music Press Asia

Distributed for broadcast by CCTV+ Video News Agency, the grand Mid-Autumn Festival Gala was broadcast on Tuesday night (21st September) at 8:00 p.m. (Beijing local time).

The audiovisual feast, broadcast overseas for the very first time, was held at Xingyue Lake Wetland Park in Xichang – the capital of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in southwest China’s Sichuan Province.

The location was picked to pay tribute to those who have contributed to China’s aerospace industry as the city is also home to the Xichang Satellite Launch Center.

The festival has taken on a a prominent role to showcase the finest of its ethnically diverse community. And this time the culture and customs of China’s Yi ethnic people became the highlight.

A “China-chic-style” music band, Zide Guqin Studio – which has become a hit on Chinese social media for playing traditional Chinese musical instruments in a new way – performed the classic song “Wishing We Last Forever” with actors Liu Shishi and Jing Boran.

The gala was simultaneously broadcast by overseas media such as Sinovison in the U.S., Xinflix Media in Canada, Switch TV in Kenya, CATV in the United Arab Emirates, Enjoy TV in Malaysia, and other foreign media.

Celebrated Peking Opera performers Wang Peiyu and Zheng Qiyuan sang “Great Beauty” together as part of the celebration.

As the gala progressed, the audience was treated to a combination of pop music and traditional Chinese culture, including a symphony in the style of the Yi ethnic people.

Viewers from all around the world were shown the beautiful natural scenery of Liangshan and the cultural landscape of the Yi ethnic people, whose folk songs are passed down through generations and reflect both the old and new Yi spirit.

Richie Jen made an appearance singing “Sugar Candy”, adapted from the song “Good Times”. Adapting AR and VR technologies into its performances Wong Cho Lam sang “Hot Pot”, written by Bodo von Zingler and Ramon Colon, in a virtual world filled with neon lights and eastern architectures.

The evening reached new heights with the appearance of the Chinese Olympic athletes of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games women’s quadruple sculls rowing champions Chen Yunxia, Zhang Ling, Lv Yang, and Cui Xiaotong. When they joined the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics speed skating champion Zhang Hong, to sing “Running to You with All My Heart.”

Chen Yunxia, Zhang Ling, Lyu Yang, and Cui Xiaotong won the gold medal in the rowing women’s quadruple sculls final on July 28, 2021, paddling their way to victory with 6:05.13 ahead of Team Poland (6:11.36) and Team Australia (6:12.08), who finished second and third, respectively, at the Sea Forest Waterway in Tokyo Bay.

The presence of 2014 Winter Olympics speed skating champion Zhang Hong also reminded people that the 2022 Winter Olympics is just around the corner.

[Karen Mok performs at Chinese Media Group’s Mid-Autumn 2021 Festival Gala. Source CCTV]

As the evening drew to a close, Zhou Shen, a Chinese singer with a beautiful voice, serenaded the audience. Zhou is best known for his song “Big Fish.” The song has been covered many times by singers at home and abroad.

In CMG’s Music Voyage program, which launched earlier this year, British singer Katie Sky, known for her hit song “Monsters,” sent her greetings to Chinese music lovers virtually and shared her cover of Zhou Shen’s “Big Fish” during the music festival.

Xichang has always been an important base of China’s space industry. With the successful mission of Shenzhou-12, China’s space industry has opened a new chapter. During the gala, the three Chinese astronauts, or taikonauts, Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo, also sent their blessing to the audience through video.

As of September 19, more than 200 hot searches related to the gala have been made, the videos have been played more than 740 million times, and the related topics have been read more than 7.5 billion times.

Watch the full show here.

Source: CGTN

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