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Apple Music Adopted Shazam Technology In DJ Mixes

Apple Music To Pay Rights Holders in DJ Mixes Using Shazam Technology

Apple Music Now Uses Shazam Technology to pay rights holders. Music Press Asia

How do you get compensated if you have already been uploading music on Apple Music?

In a recent announcement, Apple said that the solution to properly identify and remunerate individual creators involved in making DJ mixes streamed on Apple Music has now been created.

The system reportedly uses technology from Shazam, and Apple is said to be working with music recording labels to create a system whereby DJs, labels, and artists, featured in the mixes, will receive fair streaming royalties.

Paying rights holders, ever since the rise of streaming services, has been a persisting issue for those using DJ mix. Coupled with the rise of EDM genre, increasing number of remixes, mashups and DJ mixes compensation is ever harder to come by.

In 2016, Apple Music may have originally introduced DJ mixes and mashups through a partnership with Dubset Media Holdings in order to work out payment systems for licensed music within mixes. But as for now, Shazam’s technology acquired in 2018 may be the solution for Apple.

Rolling out this new creation, Apple is also showcasing the thousands of mixes already available on the service within the ‌Apple Music‌ app. Archive mixes by Studio !K7’s DJ Kicks will also be available, providing users with access to mixes that was not available on the market in over fifteen years.

Along with the new technology, Apple Music subscribers will also be able to view the names of individual tracks within a streamed mix. And whether to save or skip the songs for on-line listening.

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