Shazam’s Latest App Available To Users in Asia

Shazam is definitely trying to make a mark among South Asia users. It’s most recent technology utilising as little data as possible and optimising size of less than 1MB to discover ‘high-quality’ music and online content.

Shazam Lite Launches in Asia

Shazam Lite Launches in Asia

World’s most popular app, Shazam, has recently announced the launch of Shazam Lite on Android and its availability in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines.

Asia proves to be one of the continents that are expanding its data users among smartphone users, however, connectivity to the local network is still one of the most challenging issues in the region. Now, with Shazam Lite available in countrIES such as India, a country that has some of the biggest potentials in the music industry after China, it seems like Shazam is definitely trying to tap into the region, improving connectivity so that music could reach a wider untapped region.

Why is it doing that? Well, by opening its service to a wider untapped market, it is definitely trying to catch up with the music and video giants. Not that they need any catching up to do. To sum it all up, Shazam gets a cut too just like Spotify and Apple through licensing deals with labels and artists.

And why should we use Shazam instead? Due to its technology of sharing music even without facing storage or connectivity issues, the Lite app allows users to even Shazam music while offline!

“We’re focused on providing Shazam in areas where connectivity is poor and available devices may be limited,” said Iordanis Giannakakis, Head of Android Engineering at Shazam. “Shazam Lite was built from the ground up with listeners from these regions in mind and it aims to bring the core, ‘magic’ Shazam experience to them.”

The free app can run on any devices from Android 2.3 and above and is available for download at Google Play.

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