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Middle East & Central Asia Music Forum

Culture talk this week: Music forum to screen ‘Gitara’ a film made by anthropologist Stefan Williamson Fa

'Gitara', a film by anthropologist Stefan Williamson Fa will be screened at Middle East & Central Asia music forum. Music Press Asia

The Middle East and Central Asia Music Forum has been running since 2007 and is open to researchers, students and anyone interested in the music and culture of the region.

In the spirit of fostering dialogue and interdisciplinary, the issues discussed attracts a broad audience, including musicologists, ethnomusicologists and other researches in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Today, its forums also continue to invite those working on other aspects of Middle Eastern and Central Asian culture broadly speaking dance, visual arts, media, film, literature, etc.

Monday 8th November 2021
Session 1:
Iranian female composers and sound artists panel.
Speakers: Pantea, Golfam Khayyam, Sevda Khatamian talk about and play examples of their work, followed by a Q&A session.

Session 2:
Yalda Yazdani (University of Siegen)
‘Women’s Music in Marginalized Communities: An Ethnographic Study on the Role of Music in the Daily Life of Qashqai Female Singers Based in Rural and Urban Areas’

Mohsen Mohammadi (UCLA)
‘Soft Colonialism: Transcribing Authority in the Persian Dastgāh Tradition’
Anne Rasmussen (College of William and Mary)
‘Tarab in the Grooves ~ Reconsidering a Transitional Moment in the Arab American Arts Economy’

Tuesday 9th November 2021
Session 3:
Discussion Session: Is it time to move beyond the ‘Middle East’? Renaming the Forum.
Armaghan Fakhraeirad (University of Pennslyvania)
Claire Launchbury (Institute of Advanced Studies, UCL)
Kamyar Salavati (University of Tehran)
Darci Sprengel (University of Oxford)
Martin Stokes (King’s College, University of London)

Session 4:
Film screening: Gitara (2019) by Stefan Fa Williamson (followed by Q&A with the filmmaker)

Session 5:
Hamidreza Salehyar (University of Toronto)
‘Composing the “Self,” Improvising the “Sonic”: Agency in Shia Mourning Rituals in Iran’

Jonas Otterbeck, Agha Khan University
‘Instil the Love of the Beloved: The Creative use of Sufi Thinking by the Artist Peter Murphy’

The forum is convened by Professor Laudan Nooshin from City, University of London ( and Professor Rachel Harris from SOAS, University of London ( Attendance at City events is subject to their own terms and conditions. More details on registering and time table, click here.

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