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Letter from Editor-in-Chief, Monica Tong

I cannot believe that I’d ever say this. Music Press Asia turns five this month and we couldn’t be happier than to announce the launch of its very first digital magazine to celebrate the moment. Our very first volume and issue is our labour of love for a new era, albeit post pandemic in nature. For weeks, we glued our heads and ears to the radios, social media and sources that would give us a glimpse of good news so that our lives would go back to normal. But the progress to bouncing back has begun and there are good news!

As Asia continues to uncover some of its most creative talent to us, here are some stories and the inspirations that launched them. These efforts are by no means seen utterly courageous but enduringly synonymous to a call for change. As much as music is an ambassador for its people, wildlife has always been a feature of Asia’s finest discoveries in the modern world.

For this, we dedicate our very first digital issue to supporting a continuous discussion in saving our wildlife. And while we may not be able to display every single story that passes our way, these are some of Asia and nature’s finest productions. We could only hope that you’d enjoy it as much as we have putting them together.

Download here – (Music Press Asia Digital Magazine June July 2021- PDF 13.5MB)

View live magazine on here.

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