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Trending in the audio gadget market, audio bluetooth sunglasses are now the craze. Bose’s latest addition to its audio Frames are now available for purchase and here’s a few reasons why we’d like one for ourselves.

Bose Audio Bluetooth Sunglasses. Music Press Asia

Image courtesy of Bose.

We know that there may have been many other products out there with similar features, but we are hardcore fans of Bose. This isn’t a paid article, but stems truly from our love of the product’s value-for-money in the current market available to Southeast Asia users.

With the all-year-round tropical weather we have in Southeast Asia, being outdoors may seem the most natural thing one can do. Bose isn’t loosing out on the fun and wants to create the perfect audio experience, especially when it comes to audio speakers for sports. It isn’t a surprise anymore when we know that audio sunglasses were just taking a little more time in the production houses. But these latest wearable devices are first generation of Bose Frames that made it into Time’s Best Inventions of 2019 list. And more recently, after its second generation was launched, we know there are just more options for style and function.

“So much more than just music sunglasses”, the Bose Frames use a trademarked technology feature that frees you from the headphones. Called the Bose Open Ear Audio (trademarked) technology, it proves a multi-purposed element being equipped even with a microphone system built into the temples, making it easy to take hands-free calls on the go.

Going undercover: With the angle of the speakers, there’s very little you can hear as a bystander. It is also an alternative to over-ear or in-ear headphones simply because they weigh less than 57 grams. To unplug the audio or to pause, skip forward, or go back, one just simply tap the button on the right temple of the audio sunglasses. The same button allows you to answer or end a call and is equipped with intuitive touch and motion sensor controls.

There are four frames now available for purchase:

Entering the lineup is Bose Frames Tempo, a high-performance sport sunglasses that plays louder and deeper than all other audio sunglasses. Apart from providing comfort and stability, it is also has a water-resistant IPX4 rating, and a battery life up to eight hours.

Available in two luxe silhouettes. Bose Frames Tenor flaunt a rectangular frame, while Bose Frames Soprano combine a cat-eye frame with large lenses. Both design boast a more premium look and feel and lasts up to 5.5 hours than the original Bose Frames.

Designed with the intention to look classic and timeless, these original Frames started it all. Bose Frames Alto sport angular lenses, while Bose Frames Rondo have distinct rounded lenses and plays up to 3.5 hours.

Polarized options and interchangeable lenses are available for all styles of Bose Frames. Swap them to match your outfit or your workout terrain.

Here’s where you may order one or two now! Bose sunglasses are also prescription (Rx) ready, so you can enjoy all the benefits of audio sunglasses with lenses made just for you.

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