Discovery And Science Channel Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing, To Premier Apollo: The Forgotten Films

What really happened during the first moon landing?

Apollo: The Forgotten Films. Photo courtesy of Arrow Media.

Apollo: The Forgotten Films. Photo courtesy of Arrow Media.

America’s race to the moon was no simple mission.

On July 20th, 1969, the world watched Neil Armstrong’s giant leap for mankind, but behind these iconic images is an unseen story.

Now, 50 years later, Discovery and Science Channel will celebrate the Apollo 11 moon landing with a two-hour television event, APOLLO: THE FORGOTTEN FILMS (WT), that will tell the complete story of this most audacious of missions, with footage not seen anywhere else.

APOLLO: THE FORGOTTEN FILMS, premiering summer 2019, employs footage from a number of different resources including NASA Research Centers, The National Archives, and news reports of the time.

Having sifted through thousands of reels of film, the archives reveal behind the scenes look at the exhaustive preparation that went into sending the first humans to our moon and the incredible lengths an army of engineers, scientists and astronauts went to, to achieve America’s greatest technological feat.

Howard Swartz, Senior Vice President of Production and Development, Discovery, said: “The approach to this commemorative special is to celebrate and honor everyone who made this most incredible of missions possible.”

Howard Swartz, SVP Production & Development, Discovery.

“With only the use of archival footage from the time, this will be is an immersive experience for the viewer, transporting them back to a time of hope, fear, and ultimately, triumph.”

– Howard Swartz, SVP of Production & Development, Discovery.

The 400,000 scientists and engineers who devoted their lives to realize the dream of a nation faced one obstacle after another.

They overcame enormous challenges to build a rocket powerful enough to break free of earth’s gravity with a fearless group of astronauts, who risked their lives to fly a spaceship that would land on a precise spot on the moon, 250,000 miles away.

APOLLO: THE FORGOTTEN FILMS is produced for Discovery and Science Channel by Arrow Media. Executive Producers for Arrow are Tom Brisley and Sam Starbuck. Howard Swartz serves as Executive Producer for Discovery and Science Channel.

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