How Is Korea’s Music Export Going To Look Like in 2019 [Part 1]

The surge in export of K-pop music is dominating the music market worldwide. What are the effects of this popularity for the last decade?

Korean music is just about to see the fruit of a government funded entertainment initiative to launch the Korean music pop culture out of Korea.

Perhaps, one of the latest news surrounding the K-pop world is YG Entertainment’s deal with Interscope Records. The deal is some of the most telling of what’s happening to the demand for Asian artists, K-pop artists in particular – YG has signed a deal with Interscope to cover promotion and distribution outside of Asia. This marked a significant power shift in what Korean artist can now demand and YG is keeping the most exciting pie to itself, if not, for just a little longer.

Catch our interview with Bernie Cho, founder  of DFSB Kollective on his opinion for streaming, K-pop’s demand and the confusingly outstanding demand for girl and boy groups more instantly famous for their fashion and dance rather than its music. While we at Music Press Asia are still confused that how artists on our music charts no longer play an instrument or write their music, but rather, still  demand such worldly idolization.  We salute to their youth and vitality for some of the largest population – youth –  crazy for Asia’s “pop culture” in today’s entertainment world.

Watch this space for Part 2.


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