Avid Release Sibelius Free Version, Add Cloud Sharing Feature

Sibelius, Avid’s most popular music notation software is now free for download.

Avid announced Sibelius First free version and Cloud Sharing feature

In April 2017, Avid and Microsoft announced a strategic cloud alliance focused on cloud based solutions for media and entertainment, having since delivered numerous product and service innovations.

Avid, a technology provider of software tools and platforms that power the media and entertainment industry, has recently announced the launch of Sibelius | First, a free version of a music composition and notation software.

Following its announcement of a strategic cloud alliance with Microsoft in April 2017, to focus on cloud based solutions for media and entertainment, Avid has finally announced Sibelius | First features – Sibelius | Cloud Sharing – a feature that not only allows users to store or share up to 10 scores, but also provides access to a vast network of creative artists and media professionals to collaborate with.

With Sibelius | Ultimate, users are also able to create complex arrangements with an unlimited number of instruments, and to orchestrate high-quality, professional scores.

“Following the success of Avid’s free First products, which are now used by hundreds of thousands of artists, aspiring music creatives now have access to a free version of Sibelius,” said Alan Hoff, VP of Market Solutions at Avid. “With Sibelius | First, beginners and hobbyists can create professional-looking scores using many of the same tools the pros use.”

Earlier this month, Microsoft has also announced Avid for winning one of its US Partner Award for the communications and media industry. The company was honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

Sibelius | First is now available to download for free, here.


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