DanakaDan Releases 2nd Album “Escape From LA”

Wong Fu Productions releases  latest music video from Dan Matthews latest album featuring Dia Frampton.

A huge shout out to one of our favourite people from Wong Fu Productions and ISA Dan Matthews aka DanakaDan who’d recently popped his 2nd album – ‘Escape from L.A.’ In this latest album, the alternative rap artist and producer focuses on the subject of escapism. It’s a topic, viewed either emphatically or neglectfully, is one of Dan’s deeply personal journey dealing with anxiety, all of live’s vices and problem.

A single from the latest album – ‘Runners’ featuring Dia Frampton – emphatically describes the tough choices made in life. That no matter what the result is, it’s the process that truly matters – an exploration and discovery of life choices and where it leads to. The music video juxtaposes happier days with troubled ones, decisions we make, and how that hypocritically lead back to how we see ourselves.

The album is the first in a series of three other albums titled “All I Ever Wanted Was Everything”, which will be released throughout 2018. Chucky Kim from Los Angeles is the executive producer of the album.

He debuted his first full-length album – ‘Stuntman’ – in 2014, which saw collab partners with other artists including Clara C, David Choi, and Kero One. Poignantly, we also all know him from one of his life-defining moments – a series of short documentaries – detailing his fruitful relationship with the adoption community and meeting his biological family for the first time in 28 years.

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