Our Top 7 Favourites at Music Matters LIVE

Music Matters LIVE has once again lifted the hearts of everyone with one of their best line-up to date!

Fuzz Culture performs at Music Matters

With over a decade of curations, the Branded team has definitely left us all asking for more. 40 bands from 12 countries have made their mark at some of Singapore’s liveliest venues. Some of our very few favourites have not only showcased a stunning performance, they are some of the festival’s most exquisite choice especially chosen to provide a variety of styles and a good time for those attending. While we are impressed by the cozy setup of CHIJMES, we are moved by the craziness that happened at Bravo Taiwan Beats at SWITCH by Timbre and the electrifying atmosphere at CANVAS.

First on our list is Malaysian rapper and graffiti artist SonaOne. An artist that has definitely stood the test of time, his style has not only evolved for the last decade it is the ability to stand the test of time and continue to attract new fans that have got him onto our supreme list. His lyrics question our very existence and belonging to a world under suppression and hope for change.

Thai pop artists ToR Saksit proved that language is never a barrier. Fluent in Thai and Mandarin Chinese, he engaged the CHIJMES audience with his love ballads while managing his off-stage performance that got some of the ladies [and men] blushing with excitement. His virtuosity on the keyboard stood out and as uncomfortable it is to see a natural talent spinning his move on stage, we can’t help but be mesmerised by his charm at Music Matters LIVE.

NYK, who has been bumping up views on Facebook, is not just another pretty face that has recently trended on social media. This Malaysian guy has proved the talent in our backyard is indeed ingeniously capable and able. His latest single caused a sensation sending teenage girls screaming and head over heels with his voice.

Representing Taiwan, award-winning group Chang & Lee 張三李四 [MV below] performed at the Bravo Taiwan Beats and left all of its audience begging for more. Their story about their livelihood in rural and urban areas detailing cultural and human interaction were some of the most attractive features to their performance. It was clear that these individuals have performed together for many years interweaving Jazz, rock, hip-hop singing and versatile lyrics on current issues. It is absolutely perfect story-telling in musical forms.

PoeTeK 熊仔, also known as Kumachan, already owns over millions of views on YouTube and without a doubt managed to belt out his infamous lyricism through rap. He has already garnered 5 Golden Indie Music Awards nominations and is known in the underground scene for his virtuosic skill-sets in belting out some of the most current issues faced by the digital generation in Taiwan – the millennials.

Ffion’s recent sophomore single ‘I Miss U’ was selected to be part of the Spotify’s Early Noise 2017 playlist – a compilation of artists to look out for in the coming year. She stands out from the bunch of young Singaporeans with her nuance-peppered vocals and lyrical material are reminiscent of Banks and Corinne Bailey Rae.

Electronica act from New Delhi – Fuzz Culture – has surprised us all with the combination of melody and groove it has coming only from a 2-piece act. Their electrifying performance got us all powered up at Music Matters Live, combining the ferocity and full-fledged sonic experience of Industrial Music similar to Flume, Skinny Puppy, and Noisia.

Indonesia’s newest duo, Soundwave, is fast becoming a popular duo from around the region. Coming from an R&B and pop scene, Rinni combined Jevin’s beatbox background, their exploration is a result of their enigmatic and catchy sound waves. How could a duo bring the house down? Pump up that bass and hear the full blast of bass and electronica.

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