Music Innovator BandLab Acquires Chew.TV

Building its own empire in Asia, BandLab snaps up Chew.TV  dubbed as the Twitch for DJs to build a larger follower for its music conglomerate., a DJ live streaming platform, was recently acquired by music innovator BandLab Technologies, a Singapore-based social music-making platforms for musicians. Joining the BandLab family of innovative digital products, the live streaming service, known as the “Twitch for DJs”, is a London-based live streaming service that was launched in 2015 by DJs and for DJs.

To date, it has over 380,000 users and its audience has collectively consumed over 500,000 hours of content on Chew and creators on the platform have shared over 130,000 performance house since launch. This acquisition sits on the precipice of a much larger idea that these innovative platforms will be sharing audiences and users. BandLab has garnered over 2 million users since it launched in 2015. With users from over 180 countries, its platform has an average of 7 new tracks saved every minute a.k.a more than 10,000 songs being created a day around the world.

“Partnering with BandLab guarantees both expert support for our incredible users, but also ensures the continuation of our vision for a vibrant community of DJs and musicians sharing their creative processes live,” said Wil Benton, CEO and Co-Founder of

Collaboratively, they will leverage on BandLab’s social, digital tools for musicians while Chew’s streaming-focused platform will continue to empower creators to make, collaborate, publish and perform online. Rebranded as ‘Chew by BandLab’, the live streaming technology will be integrated into BandLab’s web platform, Android & iOS apps for use by BandLab’s existing user base of close to 2 million users.

“For the past two years, I’ve been closely watching the growth and development of this great platform and community of DJs,” said Meng Ru Kuok, BandLab’s CEO / Co-Founder. is acquired by BandLab Technologies is acquired by BandLab Technologies

“Performing live has always been one of the most important parts of being a musician and has never been more important. As an extension of that, it’s extremely important for us to be able to digitally support creators and musicians who want to bring their live performances to the world.”

“This is true to one of our core values at BandLab of empowering musicians of any genre, experience level or level of resources. With Chew in the BandLab family, it means we can deliver more great technology and a fantastic streaming product to our users, as well as welcome in a group of very talented and passionate people to our broader community,” Kuok added.

Will Benton, CEO / Co-Founder of Chew commented: “We’ve brought together a highly engaged and creative community of DJs, producers and creators in music together and shared some incredible experiences, shared live via the Chew platform.”

“I’m delighted that we’ve been able to find the right partner to continue the work we started – a partner who has the technical and creative know-how to properly support and grow our community,” added Benton.

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