Halim Ardie

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Five Reasons Why You Need To Be At Rainforest Pavilion Wonderfruit 2018

1.Save the rainforest by partying The Rainforest Pavilion founded by Alex Joy of the Joy Collective follows the ethos of saving the rainforest by creating electronic music events that raise funds and awareness for environmental issues, especially protecting the world’s rainforests. Through the rainforest saving project Vivid Kalimantan they have raised funds to aid in the preservation of 60,000m2 of rainforest land. 2.Dance to the sounds of Midnight Operator This Canadian brother duo have been igniting the imagination of dancefloors around world with their distinctive sound, which they recreate live…

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Halim Ardie with Wisdy closing for Richie Hawtin at OMNIA Bali. Photo credit: Bali Tonight.

The DJ’s Playbook: Bali, Indonesia

Welcome to Halim’s tasty selections! My name is Halim Ardie, I’m a DJ and event organizer living in Bali, Indonesia. I spin around the island from night parties to sunset sessions at beach clubs, as well as in the South East Asia circuit, by being a part of the Joy Collective’s Rainforest Pavilion stage at the famous Wonderfruit Festival in…

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