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Music Press Asia / Live / Opinion: "We believe in the music space in China," says Claire O'Shannessy. Photo credits: / Splitworks United.

Musical Consistency, Cultural Vibrancy, And Courage (Part 2)

How do brands work with live music events?Claire O’Shannessy is the GM of Splitworks United, a Shanghai-based music promoter, festival operator, and creative agency focused on music-based activations and strategy.  Splitworks is also the organizer of the Concrete & Grass outdoor summer music festival for 5 years running.   Polar opposite to many music festival companies, Claire’s company works with brands to subsidize their passion-projects like Concrete & Grass.  “We believe in the music space in China,” she tells us. “Each of the projects we work on have different commercial…

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[Music Press Asia / Opinion / Live Music] Photo courtesy of Wonderfruit Festival.

“We Never Want To Lose The Musical Style Of The Place”

On curating a live music programme and venue, this is what Charles Guo, Juliana Lima, Jasmine Li, and Kristóf Géczi have to say. Photographer Charles Guo, renowned in fashion circles, opened a proper house and techno club this past January called 44KW, located in Shanghai’s Found158 food and party circus.  Fitted with a gleaming Void Acoustics soundsystem, it has made…

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[Music Press Asia / Report by Eric Reithler-Barros] On the importance of consistent music programming. Photo courtesy of Wonderfruit Festival.

Musical Consistency, Cultural Vibrancy And Courage

In a world where over 35 million songs are available to you via a button in your pocket, ready for listening whenever and wherever, what are promoters in the music scene doing for you to fall in love with their event brands, and ultimately keep their audiences coming back for more? What does ‘cultural vibrancy’ mean? Lutz Leichsenring is the…

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Philipp Grefer, founder of WISE and FakeMusicMedia. Photograph courtesy of Wise.

Eric Reithler-Barros Interviews Philipp Grefer Founder of WISE

Grefer speaks to Eric Reithler-Barros, founder of Fold Artists Shanghai and speaker at WISE, about the highlights at WISE this year. Music Press Asia releases Part 1 of a two-part interview series that highlights his thought processes curating the program at WISE, what the future holds, as well as works at FakeMusicMedia. BARROS: The WISE conference in Beijing occurred a…

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