Endangered Species Day. Music Press Asia

Turning The Tide for Endangered Animals

Our species, the Homo sapiens, has officially seized the world. For roughly 300 millennia, or most of our existence, our population numbers have risen gradually. It is estimated that there were about 170 million people on Earth around 2,000 years ago. But with the arrival of modern medicine and the Industrial Revolution, the human population exploded. Skyrocketing from a billion in 1800 to almost 7.9 billion today. Asia, the most rapidly developing part of the world, is contributing most significantly to this human-induced species decline. But just as the continent…

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Franz Welser Most conducts Wien Philharmoniker 2022. Music Press Asia
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Vienna Philharmonic’s Strauss Family Concert Review

The Golden Hall’s full beauty shines on 1 Jan 2023 when the musicians under the baton of Franz Welser-Möst is featured in Vienna’s New Year’s Concert performing for millions of television viewers around the world. A timely concert at the end of the year to promote hope, friendship and peace. There is no question about the global success of the…

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Tim Lihoreau authors Classic FM DK. Music Press Asia

Classic FM & DK Children Released Music Book For Children

The Very Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra is a picture music book authored by Tim Lihoreau and Philip Noyce. Discover the main instruments of the orchestra accompanied by 10 sound clips of child-friendly famous pieces, including Lark Ascending, Flight of the Bumblebee, Carnival of the Animals, Children’s Intermezzo Suite, and more. Published by DK ChildrenBy Tim Lihoreau, Philip NoyceIllustrated…

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Qixi Festival Love Song Playlist. Music Press Asia
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Qixi Festival: Chinese Love Songs Of All Times

This year, the festival falls on the 4 August, which is on the 7th day of the 7th Chinese lunar month. With around 1,5 billion Chinese on the planet Earth, it can be quite a mushy day. Lovers and sweethearts benefit today no matter how creative their loved ones get. But chocolates and flowers would do. The Qixi Festival (Double…

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Christine Ay Tjoe to exhibit at ARTJOG 2022. Music Press Asia

Artist Christine Ay Tjoe To Exhibit At ARTJOG

Bandung-based artist Christine Ay Tjoe worked on an installation which was a special commission project this year to respond to the theme ARTJOG MMXXII: Arts in Common – Expanding Awareness. Over the past twenty years, Ay Tjoe has been known for his works that pay attention to the complexities of human life. This time he presents an interactive work inspired…

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Florian Ferruzza Interview with Music Press Asia

Vietnamese House Label Goes LIVE

In an interview with Music Press Asia, founder of Stargazing Records Florian Ferruzza shares the works of his debut album, starting his label in Vietnam and collaborating with local talent. PART I: INTRO Q1: Hello, Florian. Congratulations on releasing your very first album ‘Bang Bang’ under your very own label, Stargazing Records. Why have you chosen to start a label…

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Seven Worlds One Planet Asia. Music Press Asia
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Asia: A World of the Rarely Seen

While conservation in Asia goes all the way back to its disappearing mangroves and increasing agriculture of palm oil, there is much diversity in the animal kingdom too. From Brown bears roaming remote Russian volcanoes on the Kamchatka Peninsula, and orangutans climbing high into the trees in the Indonesian rainforests in search of mango fruit. Walrus gather in huge numbers…

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Music NFT in the Metaverse. Music Press Asia

Panel: What’s Next for Music NFTs?

NFTs are more than JPEGs and GIFs, they can also represent the ownership of music. Meetup 19 on CoinGecko uncovers all the potential of music NFTs – how it aims to reshape the music industry, empower individual artists, and disrupt traditional record labels. Join them in a fascinating discussion with Jimi Frew (Head of Music & Co-Founder, Emanate), Achilleas (Product…

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Judy Wu expertise lies in wildlife music. Music Press Asia

Magnifying Nature’s Whispering

Judy Wu fulfills her role as an ambassador of nature, pledging us all for change and awareness on the subject of conservation not only for wildlife but also for the indigenous community worldwide. In this interview with Music Press Asia, she speaks of her passion for sound expressed by animals, tribal communities, the wind, and even cracklings of the glaciers.…

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