Cosmic Lab to produce Meet Your Art Festival 2022

Cosmic Lab to produce for Zaiko event. Music Press Asia

[Meet Your Art Festival 2022]

LIVE Music This Weekend

Zaiko will be supporting Meet Your Art Festival 2022 this coming weekend of May 14 & 15. Its theme “New Soil” is supposed to be a State of the Art live music creatively produced by Cosmic Lab that will infuse art, music, and technology.

The first night will see a live curated performance by Taku Takahashi (m-flo/blockfm) that will involve a frenzy of electronic expressions from bass to dubstep. Taku is known to be the perfect frontline for the mini-festival this weekend. Tagging along are Daoko, Rung Hyang, and lastly, one with a band name: カメレオン・ライム・ウーピーパイwhich literally translates as Chameleon Lime Woopy Pie. On the second night, I Don’t Like Mondays will be performing with a slew of friends.

Tickets can be purchased on Tik Tok or on Zaiko’s official website. For more information about Meet Your Art Festival, click here.

[Cosmic Lab engineers an artistic screen at music festivals. Image courtesy of Cosmic Lab]

Cosmic Lab is a multi-media collaboration of artists and creators who explore new audio-visual experiences through combining art and technology. Deep roots in the underground party culture and art scene have enable them to expand to a wide range of creative activities and innovative ideas. With ideals birthed at the Burning Man Festival and origins in the art party Flower of Life, Cosmic Lab is based in one of Osaka’s underground cultural hubs, the Misono Universe building. Click here for their latest project at Fuji Rock Festival 2021.

Recently, the collective worked with Japanese artist Jimmy Daisishi’s 30th-anniversary art industry exhibition, POP OUT. View the collaboration here.

[Jimmy Daisishi’s exhibition toured Japan 2022]

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