Playlist of the Week: A Classical Moment with Yuja Wang

Playlist of the Week: “Must The Devil Have All The Good Tunes?” by John Adams

Pop Classical at its finest in 2020 - Yuja Wang, the sensation. Music Press Asia

Pop Classical at its finest in 2020 - Yuja Wang, the sensation. Music Press Asia

World’s most famous classical pianist today — Yuja Wang — is literally, our most hyped artists in the classical music section. Jetlining from France to Venezuala, this youthful pianist has sky as the limit.

Bracing sold out venues all over Europe and China since 2010, she now calls New York her home. Having been raised in a Chinese family: father, a music percussionist; mother, dancer. Wang is ineffably youthful and vibrant compadre in the music performance circle.

We credit her thorough musical understanding of Russian romantics and great composers such as Chopin, Prokofiev and Rachmaninov as genius for her age. Her curiosity, to perfect the art as a pianist, is genuinely great example to youth looking for inspiration and a little faith.

If you’re pursuaded to explore your musical choice — a new, welcoming reminder of what endures just beyond our current isolation — I suggest you check out Yuja Wang. Our people here at Music Press Asia likes, especially, this interview below. Watching or listening anything below one hour does not count.

Live performances from September 2020 through July 2021 includes playing at Walt Disney Concert Hall with the Los Angeles Philhamonic, Barbican Centre with the London Symphony Orchestra and Koelner Philharmonie in Cologne, Germany.

As for “Playlist of the Week” dedicated to classical pop, our editors at Music Press Asia are listening to Wang and Gustavo Dudamel’s studio recording of composer John Adams’ album: Must The Devil Have All The Good Tunes? Enjoy.

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