Impressive Music Curation Merges Tropical Luxuries At Sri Panwa

Music Press Asia explores Wan Vorasit Issara’s unique hospitality at Sri Panwa and why the most luxurious quirks in this prestigious hotel in Thailand may just not be for everyone.

Caption: Luxuries at Sri Panwa go hand in hand with sophisticated music selection from its top executive.

Caption: Luxuries at Sri Panwa go hand in hand with sophisticated music selection from its top executive.

In his own words, Wan explains how specially-curated music hold the power to achieve impressive hospitality, at the same time, create authenticity.

Q: When we hear that you curate music to fit the space of your hotel and beach club during the conceptual phase, we thought this guy can actually see taste in music. Understanding that you are also a DJ, how did your personal taste for electronic music began and evolved since the opening Sri Panwa, Baba Nest and The Beach Club?

Actually I have been promoting parties as well as DJ since I was young, like 17-18 years old. So it didn’t just start with Sri panwa, it evolved over many years. I’ve always have passion for travel, food and music and try to involve those passions with everything I do in my hotels.

Q: Curating music/sound for each specific space of the hotel and club taking into consideration mood matching specific times of the day have certainly made Sri Panwa unique. How did you come to discover and implement such a unique DNA focusing on music curation, and actually believed that it’ll work for Sri Panwa? 

Music is such an important part of life for me and through music you can really elevate your mood and experience. Imagine a movie without a soundtrack; I think it’s important that the soundtrack matches the movie. We want the same for Sri Panwa.

Wan Vorasit Issara takes on the role as hotel and music director at Sri Panwa

Wan Vorasit Issara takes on the role as hotel and music director at Sri Panwa

Q: What are some of the most important values you’ve learned in the hospitality rule book when it comes to providing impeccable hospitality for a hotel?

Attention to detail is key. I began to understand what a huge difference subtle changes can make when I first worked at Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli. I was very lucky to work under Robert Burns and learn about his philosophy.

Q: Tell us about your most memorable music experience hosting Sri Panwa and Baba Beach Club. Did any artists or guest made a significant impression on you?

Every guest and DJ has their very own stories to tell. But Nicole Moudeber was a powerful moment for me. Her feel for music and transference of energy is awesome. The opportunity to DJ with such an icon was an incredible experience, and was a bit of a milestone in the early days of Baba Beach Club.

Q: Tell us about the process you and Sergey would go through when it comes to choosing a specific collection for your playlist.

Research! Research! And research! We are always listening to music. Sergey and I will often go deep into a genre until we find a song that catches our attention. You always know when a song is right for a certain scene – the feeling may come rather instantly. To be honest it’s an ever changing process that keeps on growing.

Q: Why do you choose Funktion-One sound system, Bose and Marshall as your audio systems?

Bad audio systems can really affect the mood of a venue or party, not withstanding how damaging it can be for our ears. We want to reflect the music we’ve chosen specifically to match the mood of the venue and do our best to extend impeccable service in terms of sound.

Baba Beach Club

Baba Beach Club

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