Asian Artists to Perform at SXSW

The Music Bloggers Guide to SXSW 2017 is the bible for what’s to come to Austin. We’d filtered that so you don’t have to.

Drunken Tiger & Yoon Mi Rae from Seoul, South Korea

SXSW has released its Music Bloggers Guide to SXSW 2017 exploring over 100+ exciting up-and-coming SXSW Showcasing Artists. On news closer to home, we’ve decided to filter this selection to artists from Asia and explores reasons why their music deserves to be on this Bloggers Guide. Korean Music at SXSW 2017 is taking precedence with an even larger list than before highlight current and underground scene from the country.

Drunken Tiger & Yoonmirae, Hip-Hop / Rap
Uijeongbu South Korea
Famously known in the Korean hip-hop scene, Drunken Tiger is a controversial group by Korean standards that has redefined the genre over the last eight albums released since 1999. Recently, they have announced their final Drunken Tiger album to be released in 2017 while continuing their collaborations in their project group MFBTY, Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy. Yoon Mi Rae has created a name for herself from her early days as part of Uptown to her original solo works and continues to be an influential figure in the Korean hip-hop music industry.

XXX, Hip-Hop / Rap

XXX, Hip-Hop / Rap

Sui Zhen, Electronic
Melbourne, Australia
“…Sui Zhen approaches her art with enough wit and whimsy that you can’t help but feel compelled to suspend your own reality and enter hers for a while,” commented Mastassia Baroni of Music Feeds.

Artist Becky Sui Zhen from Melbourne continues to evolve her name; self-branding her latest album Secretly Susan released in 2016 that covers genres from lounge, Bossanova to Japanese indie pop. Her music is brought to life through film clips produced, edited and directed inspired by the way we perceive ourselves on the internet. She has definitely developed her own taste of art and music from the ethereal techno-pop in her previous Eps – Female Basic and Body Reset to her latest works.

XXX, Hip-Hop / Rap
Seoul, South Korea
One of MNA’s favourite from the list comes from a two-man show consisting of Kim-Ximya and FRNK. Recently featured on Maison Kitsuné Hot Stream Channel introducing their song “Yves”, their album The Anecdote was featured as Album of the Year on E-Sens’ Korean Music Awards 2016. Combining rap and electronic music, their addictive music video – Flight Attendant – gained international following when it was nominated as Best Animation at the Ibiza Music Video Festival.

Over the next week, SXSW 2017, one of the largest music festivals in the world sit amidst downtown Austin in another round of music madness from fun-filled showcase partnering with Pandora, Sonicbids, Capital One, and Mazda; conference, workshops as well as an expo showcasing music gadgetry, instruments, artists merchandises and many more.

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