Songtradr Acquires MassiveMusic

The deal between Songtradr and MassiveMusic is said to merge music licensing technologies with creation of bespoke music and strategy for brands and agencies.

MassiveMusic acquired by Songtradr, Hans Brouwer. Music Press Asia

Songtradr, a B2B music licensing marketplace, announced today that it has acquired MassiveMusic, a creative music agency that helps renowned brands become more strategic and effective with the emotional power of music and sound.

The acquisition of MassiveMusic comes at a pivotal time in the industry where a brand’s sound is experienced is dramatically increasing. With the explosion of content creation across multiple media formats, the size of the music industry is expected to reach US$131 billion by 2030. Marketers more than ever have to cut through and create maximum impact, driving an urgency to optimize the power of music.

Combining MassiveMusic’s music for brands footprint with Songtradr’s technologies and data-informed B2B music products creates the only complete tech enabled music solution for brands in the digital age.  

“The complexities of the B2B music industry have made it challenging to fully adopt and leverage technology, limiting it from experiencing the same growth as the consumer music industry.  Bringing our companies and competencies together creates the scale and trust to enable a true transformation of the B2B music industry and unlock significant growth potential,” said Paul Wiltshire, CEO of Songtradr.

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The company creates and curates world class music, strategic sonic branding solutions and music management for global brands such as Nike, Heineken, Apple and UEFA. This year, MassiveMusic launched the world’s first data-driven sonic branding tool: MassiveBASS, a revolutionary platform that combines art and science.

In 2019 Songtradr acquired Big Sync Music, and since gone on to acquire Cuesongs, Song Zu, Pretzel, Tunefind and made an investment into ASX listed music data company Jaxsta. Today, it has over 300,000 tracks licensed through their ecosystem and more than 1.5 millions tracks on their platform. Its services to music creators and rights owners is to provide tech solutions in rights managing and monetising, and connecting brands with advertisers, filmmakers, SVOD and broadcast networks, gaming, streaming and social media platforms with AI guided access to music.

In 2017, MassiveMusic opened its sixth office and first in Asia in Tokyo, is managed by three Japanese executive: Junya Terui (Managing Director and Executive Producer), Tamon Fujimi (Business Development Manager), and Rick Sakurai (Creative Director and Composer).

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